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  • Daily playing time and socialization
    Daily playing time and socialization to produce stable, loving rottweiler puppies
  • Adorable German Rottweiler Puppies
    Adorable German Rottweiler Puppies The result of our award winning breeding program.
  • Our Champions Around the World
    Our Champions Around the World Dutchess, a poster child of our breeding program, became a Top 10 Female at the ADRK Klubsieger in Germany and top 4 female in at the IFR World Show
  • Many celebrities have choosen DGI
    Many celebrities have choosen DGI "Fabio" and his puppy Gabriel(22# at 8 weeks old)
  • We use the best studs in the world!
    We use the best studs in the world! Our breeding program uses Klubsiegers and World Champions studs for our females to produce, healthy, stable and amazing puppies.

German Rottweilers Friends...Welcome!

Our German Rottweilers are part of our family and we know your new puppy will become part of yours. We know how important temperament, intelligence, conformation and health are when you are looking to bring home your new family member. We love the breed and because of it we chose to breed German Rottweilers bloodlines.

As German Rottweilers hobby breeders we believe on bettering the breed with every litter and we go above and beyond to do so.

We use some of the best Champion German Rottweiler Studs in the world to match our Champion females in order to produce some of the best rottweilers puppies. Our German Rottweiler puppies are proof of what passion and dedication in a breeding program can produce, and you can see it in our testimonials.

We are proud members of the ADRK , the mother club of the rottweiler breed based in Germany. and we pride ourselves on being one of the few rottweiler breeders in USA using the ADRK Dog Base Software often as a tool for our breeding program.

DGI Rottweilers was one of the only four rottweiler breeders who represented USA at the ADRK Klubsieger 2011 and IFR World Show 2012

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