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About Us

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The DGI Family

rottweiler puppyMy name is Emanuel, I was born in Argentina, and I have lived just about half of my life in USA. During my childhood and teen years my mom was a German Sheppard and Collie breeder, dog shows, puppies and training were always part of my live too.

One day when I was a kid and had money saved from birthdays and work, I decided I was going to buy a puppy just for me from a different breed. I was very attracted by the look of the Bullterrier. So we went to see Bull terrier puppies and as we rang the bell of a ranch 2 beautiful rottweilers came to the door...that is it!...I was in love!!!

rottweiler-german rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-rottweiler champions-rottweiler puppy - rottweiler -puppies-puppy-I didn't know the name of the breed, at the time rottweilers weren't very popular in Argentina, we asked about them, I started my research and that is how I fell in love with the Rottweilers!

After that, I started breeding and showing rottweilers, but I always went for what is known as German line, work, heads power is imprinted in the rottweiler puppies born from this type of bloodline.

My love for the breed became also a passion for my wife who was a cat person before we married in 2006. After she lived with my rottweilers for the first few months she switched teams and she went from a "cat person" toa"rottweiler person"...hey smart girl if you ask me! We now own 5 acres of amazing greens in the state of Utah where we live with our dogs.

rottweiler puppyMy wife and I are very successful in our everyday professions she is an accountant working for the Federal Government, I'm an Award Winning Executive Chef working for a private Country Club. Breeding and showing, is our rottweilers-rottweiler-german rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-puppies-puppy-rottweilers california-rottweilers utah-rottweilers arizonahobby, we love to do it. We essentially breed so that once in a while we can keep what we believe will be a future Champion Rottweiler. . . but we cant keep them all! That is why you will see that we often have German Rottweiler Puppies for sale. We reinvest everything back into our rotts and several charities we work with such as ASPCA and different rottweiler rescue associations.

Breeding is not our main source of income. Today D.G.I Rottweiler is one of the most important rottweiler breeding programs not only in our State of Utah but in the world. We have competed around Europe including Germany with great results, our females are proven in the show rings. I became a Rottweiler Judge Specialist, President of RMRK and one of the most important importers of frozen semen from rottweiler studs in USA. We have open the doors to many of the most important studs in the world to better our breed here in USA. Shipping our puppies to other states in USA is very common for us, California, Texas, New York, New Mexico, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Arizona, is just some of the states where you can find some DGI owners. When we say "shipping worldwide" we really mean it. We have shipped rottweilers to Germany and South America!!!

rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-german rottweilers-rottweilers utah-rottweilers california-puppies-puppy-rottweilers-rottweilerWe have a toddler and he loves to play with our pups and with our big dogs too. Socialization is a big part of what we do, our rottweiler pups are stable and sweet and we have a special area on our installations for our pups to play and stimulate their brains and motor skills from the day they start walking.

Stable and sweet puppies doesn't mean no will or aptitude for work or drive. A great German Rottweiler should be stable in order to be a great working dog. Our rottweiler puppies have working champions from Germany in every generation therefore working ability and drive is something they for sure will have. The studs used on our breeding program have allpassed ZTP test in Europe, and have working titles such as IPO and Sch, in fact many of the studs are actually German Korungs, and Geckort bis.

rottweiler-rottweilers-rottweiler-german rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-puppies-rottweiler puppiesWe love this breed and that is why we do what we do, love, work and great genetics from World Champion German Rottweilers are the main ingredients in our breeding program!

Please click here find out more info on current litters of rottweiler puppies.

Emanuel Trina & Vidolin

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