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I thank to all of those who have sent e-mails or call us telling us about your experience getting a puppy from DGI Rottweilers. You are part of our DGI Family!!!.For time constrained reasons we can't post every e-mail but we really appreciate your comments and your trust on us!

Many owners send us pictures of their pups as they grow up. Many of them are located on our Photo Gallery please click here to see them.


Awesome bro. These rottweiler puppies are amazing. Super chill and fun. They sleep from 9pm to 6am then ask to go pee. Sweet kids man. You did amazing job. I feel very fortunate, thanks. Oh ya, you were right, the two together is great. They take care of each other. Thanks again and will keep you posted!

Mike Mohen, New York, New York

Hello! I have attached the purchase contract for Ian. What an adorable rottweiler puppy. Our experience with you has been very positive trough out the whole process. We know of a few Rottie Owners and will make sure that everyone knows about DGI ROTTS!
Thank you again for such a superb Rottie Pup!

Joann Spahr, Pensylvannia

Fabio, Hollywood, California

She is the sweetest, smartest, most wonderful funny girl!!! We are having so much fun!! She kisses my son so much is crazy!! Thanks again!!

Kathryn , New York New York

Hello Emanuel, As promised I wanted to send you a couple of photos of Romeo. He is everything you said he was!!! He is absolutely beautiful with the true German Rottweiler look that I was looking for. More importantly he is such a gentle wonderful soul with an incredible temperament. We have 2 young kids, and we were concerned that the puppy had the right personality and temperament to handle life in our home with our kids. Emanuel, whatever you did for the first 8 weeks of his life had a major impact on his wonderful disposition. Thank you for living up to the very high expectations I had of Romeo and you as his breeder. As you can see below, he is flourishing here in Connecticut and we are so happy to have him as part of our family. As he continues to grow and strive I will be sure to share his continued success with you. Thank you Emanuel !!!

Phil Fiore, Connecticut

Hi Emanuel. I'm typing with two broken fingers so it's hard but I just wanted to give you a report about our dino. He's getting bigger again, filling out in his chest and getting taller in front; a real dude to be reckoned with. He has the sweetest face when he looks at family but outsiders just see an enormous rottweiler with an assertive expression and utter fearlessness. We hooked up the electric fence around the garden and he had quite a revelation there; it was too funny but I didn't let him see me laughing. Such a joy and such a prime rottweiler specimen in structure and health. The little female rottweiler we already had is constantly sick and requires special medication and food even to survive. Such a difference to see a dog like dino raised for the love of the breed and pride in the bloodline as opposed to for money. I know when she is gone we will want another of your fantastic dogs (by then I imagine they will be very expensive so I've started saving already!!!) Thanks so much for our lovely healthy boy.
Robin, Utah


Emanuel, thank you very much for selling us such a great rottweiler puppy. You are the most up front and honest breeder that I have ever met. Faith is beautiful,, even my vet said that she has the best head that he has ever seen on a female rottweiler. Thank you very much!

Terry, Utah


I Ivey is doing really good.  Adjusting to the cold and snowy weather very well.  She loves to ride on the sled with my son!  She has a very sweet personality but when it comes time to play, watch out.  She is all business.  We are really enjoying her.  I have been working with her for the German shows and if there are any that you are going to please let me know.  Would love to see what she can do.

Lukrisha, Montana

Gwen is safe and sound in our home...We LOVE her so much and can't say how happy we are with her.Our two other dogs really are having a ball playing with her outside and our cats are still taking their time getting to know her.
Thank you so much for such an great rottweiler puppy!! I was worried about buying a puppy online, but I can say I picked the best!
Please know that Gwen is and will be loved by all of us.. My husband wants another Rottweiler so we both will have one each to train.
Sorry to ramble on.

Thank you so much!!!

What a beautiful rottweiler! She is such a great puppy super strong and very playful. Thank you for going above and beyond to get her all the way here.Thank you for doing for us what other breeders didnt. We love her sooooooo much!


Tina; Frankfurt, Germany


Hi Guys!!!! I just wanted to share this picture of Zoey (Elvira) that was taken about a month ago. (don’t mind the laundry on the floor) J She’s a BIG rottweiler girl and we love her so much. She’s been so fun. We couldn’t ask for a better looking and well mannered puppy. We are hoping to eventually purchase a male puppy from you guys. I saw on your site that there is a little coming up in April. I’ m assuming most of the puppies have already been spoken for?
Kami, Utah

After looking and looking we decided that paying a little bit more for a puppy from a serious breeder was worth it...and how right we were!!! Tank is not only a super looking dog but very smart and stable. Thank you very much guy!
Smith Family,Pennsylvania

I got Fido our rottweiler puppy and my kids just love him they cant get enough, they call him Lazarus but we will name him "Fido" as a first name for the pedigree. He is great thank you very much!
Lyndon, KY

Emanuel and Trina,
Just wanted to send a few pictures and thank you both again! We are so thankful for DGI! Imagine, without you, we wouldn't have this amazing puppy. What you are doing is awesome; the best girls matched to worldclass sires... It clearly shows! Tango Village looks like a dream come true, and we can't wait to come down for a visit. Gustavo is growing up perfectly, and his behavior is unbelievable.. Can't wait to get him out and collect some trophies! All the best!
Don and Terree

Bernice is absolutely lovable, she is great with my grand daughter and the other dogs, she was a great addition to our family thank you very much Emanuel for helping us pick this fabulous dog! She keeps getting bigger and bigger she is huge...she is awesome!
Sulema, Utah

Thank you so much for allowing us to come and visit Dagon, it really makes the time go by much faster. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the two of you. We are so excited about this puppy and his potential. We could not have asked for better breeders. Thanks so much for everything.
Kylie, Utah

Hello, I just wanted to give you an update on Sam (AKA Diesel). He is doing great and is a wonderful dog. He looks awesome to. Everywhere I go I always get compliments on what a great looking dog he is. Other family members got rottweilers around the same time as us and they just don't even compare to how Sam looks. He also has a great temperament. We have worked hard to socialize him with all the kids in our neighborhood and they all will come up to him and wrestle with him and he just sits there and takes it from them.Thank you very much guys!
Craig, Utah

"Elvis is a wonderful dog....I couldn`t be more pleased...he`s sweet and loving...playful and energetic...even goes poddy outside most the time...I will never get another rottie from anybody but you...thank you"
Vanessa, Las Vegas

I just wanted you to know that we took Tavo to get his shots today...10 weeks old...#32.5 the dude is a beast!!!! You guys just gave me the greates gift of life we love him so much already, send Trina our best regards THANK YOU!!!
Don, Utah

Let anyone interested in ROTTWEILER dogs know this: I've owned rotts all my life and had some kind of trouble with all of them. Four months ago I purchased one of Emmanuel's show puppies. He is now six months old and he is so beautiful people stop me on the street to ask where I got such a fantastic dog. Dino is very large for his age, and filling out perfectly. Best dog, bar none, I have ever owned or trained.THANK YOU EMANUEL. Robin,Utah (in the pic Dyno with little cat and laying on bed 6 months old)

Hi Guys, I just wanted to let you know that Elvira is doing great, she is super beautiful and we lover her! Thank you very much for an amazing dog.
Kami, Utah

Hi Emanuel, I just wanted to tell you that Elektra got home perfectly safe and that she is even more beatiful than she looked in the pictures.Thank you very much for your help and for this awesome dog!
Chris, New Jersey


have had an excellent experience with buying a puppy from your kennel. Your service and the care you show for the animals is very apparent in the caliber of rotty's you produce. I will definitely be buying another puppy from you. Thanks for training video as well is has been very helpful.. If you use my message for a testimonial I absolutely mean it when I say I highly recommend buying a puppy from your kennel..!
Gaven McConkey , Utah

Hi there!

Just thought I would give an update on Abel. I think you will be pleased :)

Last weekend my parents and I took our dogs to the Farmers Market in Ogden and he probably met 100 different people, and other 20 dogs. He did so awesome!!! Lots of compliment from everyone on him. After we took him with the big dogs to a river and let them play.

I enjoy him very much and i thought you would like to have an update on him.

Thank you!!!

Mitchell, Ogden Utah

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