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Our relationship and continuous efforts to better the breed has allowed us to established great relationships, in many cases friendships with some of the most important breeders in Europe including Germany. These relationships allow us to be able to bring frozen semen from any stud in the world, no IFR rottweiler limitations except for our imagination. The use of "ADRK Dogbase Software" to research and find the best studs and the best pedigree combinations along with the means to make that possible set no barriers for our breeding program. From which we have already obtained amazing results, and our rottweiler puppies are proved of that.

In 2011 we have had some of the best breeding in the country, names like Arzadon's Tayson, Leroy Van Haysherack, Quaid Vom Hause Enzian, Burning Des Princes Daragone were all found among our pairings and 2012 is looking just as good or even better!!!. . . if that is at all possible!!!!

Our Females come from the best Champion German Rottweiler Bloodlines, names like Akino, Rick, Mambo V.D.T, Mambo Von Crossener Ranch, Dandy Von Hause Neubrand, Orlando and Noris are found in all of our females in their first 3 generations. We have Champions that we have imported from Europe to better our breeding program and Champion females who were born within our breeding program who are also Champion German Rottweilers. Moreover they have proven their worth around the world, when we say that we produce the best we really mean it!rottweiler puppy

Please visit also our "about us" page there you can get to know our family and the history behind our passion for the breed and our breeding program. This is a picture of me and my female "Tanka", my first rott in Argentina, gran daughter of "Hassan".


Pictures of Trips and Friends from Around the World


rottweiler puppy

Danny Kemp (Von Der Holzhaussiedlung)


rottweiler puppy

Vincenzo, owner of Leroy and the new Young World Champ "Taz"

rottweiler puppy

Pablo Piazza (FCI Argentina), Dutchess 2nd place Catalunya KS


Emanuel and Vezna (Vom Hause Milsped)


















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