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"Samson" Drake de lla Guardia Imperiale

Sam de lla Guardia Imperiale (66cm) HD- ED+/-

Dam: Ch. Engy Vom Bonzi Star HD- ED +/-

Sire: Multi Ch. Leroy Van Haysherack HD- ED +/-

Sam amazing German riott born at our house!

Sam's  pedigree includes  rottweiler champions such as Akino (twice 2/3) Rick(4/5), Mambo Von Crossener Ranch, Mambo VDT, Doc VDT, Morro Von Hause Marker, Noris Von Gunterbick(twice),Gino Von Der Berghanbinsel, among other great dogs. All of the dogs that we have just mentioned are the pillars of the breed and any serious breeder will try to have even one of these rottweilers in their puppies pedigree, well Sam not only has them...he has some of them twice!

Sam is litter mate of our spectacular female Dutchess (litter"D") and half brother to World Champion Arataz Vom Hause Leroy. Sam posses intense mahogany colors, great markings, great substance, amazing head and bones. We sold Sam as a puppy and deiced to buy him back after seeing him how he turned into an amazing large rottweiler male. Sam will be used as a stud from time to time in our kennel when the pairing is appropriate and as we are looking to introduce Leroy's and Engy bloodline into our Vom Hause Neubrand females.