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Bertha De Lla Guardia Imperiale

arzadon's tayson rottweiler rottweiler puppies for sale rottweilers

Sire: Arzadon's Tayson HD- ED- ,IPOI, IPOII, IPOIII

VDH Champion 2007, Polish Klubsieger , Danish Klubsieger, Swedish Klubsieger, Portugal Klubsieger, ADRK Europasieger, ADRK Bundessieger, ADRK Jahrhundertsieger, ADRK Schwalesieger, ADRK Westkustensieger, ADRK Elbesieger, ADRK Neumunstersieger, ADRK Rostocksieger, Danish Klubsieger  2004, 2005, 2006, International Champion, Danish Champion, Swedish Champion, Finnish Champion, Nordisk Champion, KBHV 2006, Nordisk Winner 2004-2005, Nordisk Junior Winner, ADRK Westkustenjugendsieger 2004, Danish Jugendsieger 2004.Tayson is known for being the most titled Rottweiler Champpion in the history of the breed.




rottweiler puppies for saleDam: Czambah Von der Burkhart HD- ED-

Show Results
1st place AKC Boise, Idaho - 1st Place AKC Boise,Idaho -

1st place AKC Palm, Springs California,1st place AKC Palm, Springs California-
1st place AKC Farmington Utah Best of Winners Winners bitch Best Oposite Sex-
1st place AKC Fasrmington Utah Best oposite sex Winners Bitch
1st place AKC Salt Lake City, Utah Best Opposite Sex,Winners bitch -
1st place AKC Salt Lake City Utah Best Opposite Sex Winners Bitch -
1st place AKC Logan , Utah Winners bitch Best of winners
Best of Breed -
1st place AKC Logan, Utah Winners Bitch Best Opposite Sex




rottweiler puppies for saleBertha de lla Guardia Imperiale

Bertha is the daughter of the most titled rottweiler in the history of the breed, Arzadon's Tayson...and it shows!

Please scroll down to see more pictures of Bertha.

Bertha is a big female, 64cm in height and 107# in weight.
HD+/-   ED -
She has been critiqued by German judges with impressive results, medium bones, big heads thick neck, she is a great mix between her Sire Arzadon's Tayson and her Dam Czambah.
Having  the most titled Rottweiler Champion in the world as a Sire is a great deal, Tayson has conquered Klubsieger Titles and Championships all over the world including Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Sweeden, etc. But having Czambah's bloodline it also is a big deal too. Czambah's Sire is not other than Dandy Vom Hause Neubrand, therefore her Grand Father is Orlando Vom Hause Neubrand, both rottweiler studs have conquered International Champions and Klubsiegers titles among other championships. Also both ranked for years in the top 20 German Rottweiler Producers.
Orlando and Dandy are well known for throwing great progeny, actually the 2009 German Klubsieger is a son of Dandy and there is many Champions around the world who have been sired by Orlando, so many we wouldn't have room for all of them in one page.
Tayson's side brings Hera Od Dragicevica(another big mamma!) and Morro Vom Hause Marker, parents of the famous "Dragicevica B litter", the famous Benno Von BefunkyberthaSchwazer Heide and Noris Von Gunterblick among other fantastic dogs. Tayson has also sired many champions such as Arzadon's Larimbo, Zato, Hanther , Arzadon's Laurentina, among other many names.
Bertha's bloodline is also full of working rottweiler champions making her a very smart dog, stable and very sweet, she is also a great protection dog and she will keep showing her conformation aptitude in the show rings...even on AKC with her natural tail!!


Bertha's Show Results
Bertha is already pointed towards championship at only 13 months of age!

Riverside California
VP3 6 TO 9 months puppy

Utah Beehive Cluster
1st place AKC
Reserved Winner's Bitch

Utah Valley Kennel Club
1st place AKC
Reserved Winner's Bitch

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