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Dutchess De Lla Guardia Imperiale

rottweiler-rottweilers-german rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-puppies-rottweiler utah-rottweilers california-rottweiler championDutchess de lla Guardia Imperiale

Sire: Multi Ch. Leroy Van Haysherak
Dam: Ch Engy Vom Bonzi Star


Multi V1 -

USRC Youth Select Female 2011 (Judge Wayne Simanovich USA)

Best puppy NIRK North American Sieger Show 2010 (Judge Fernando Lucas Martins IFR-FCI Portugal)

USRC S.W Youth Siegerin 2011 Judge Estrada (FCI - IFR Mexico)

ARV National Youth Siegerin 2011 Judge Mick Svaljeck IFR-FCI Australia)

V10 ADRK Klubsieger 2011, Eschweiler Germany (in a class of 52 females- Judge Dieter Viehof)

Dutchess has been featured in the ADRK 2012 Calendar!!!!

V4 IFR World Show 2012 Judge Vinicio di Paolo (FCI-FCA-ACRR)- 40 females including many Champions in class

V2 Catalunya Rottweiler Championship 2012, Judge Pablo Piazza (FCI-FCA-ACRR)-15 females in class


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rottweiler , rottweilers Utah, rottweiler puppies for sale, Dutchess de lla Guardia ImperialeDutchess is the best positioned USA born female at the Rottweiler World Show!!! and she was born right here... at our house!!

Dutchess is the combination of 2 magnificent rottweiler specimens, and 2 magnificent pedigrees, Engy Vom Bonzi Star and Leroy Van Haysherack.

At only 5 months of age she had already been in 3 German Rottweiler Style Shows and the results couldn't be any better. 2 VP1, 1 VP2, and 1 Best Puppy In Show at the NIRK North American Sieger Show 2010.
Her first 2 VP1's and Best Puppy in show, were actually under 2 European Rottweiler Judges, Fernando Lucas Martin (FCI-IFR), and Uwe Peterman of Germany (ADRK). All and all Dutchess has beaten a total of about 80 rottweilers in show, at only 5 months of age.
Dutchess has continue winning since then
conquering the USRC Youth Select 2011 title and the ARV National Youth Siegerin title, all a few months apart from each other, and now addign the USRC South West Youth Siegerin title, beating some amazing females in the busiest class in the show. Dutchess has also competed on AKC and even with her natural tail got 3 first places out of 3 shows. Dutchess career in Europe show why she is also the best USA born female in the world.
Taking top 10 at the ADRK Klubsieger show in Eschweiler 2011, Germany in one of the busiest classes in the show, she competed against 52 of the best females in the world, after 2 days of traveling. In her next 2 shows in Europe she has taken an impressive V2 behind an Spanish Champion at the Catalunya Championship and being the only USA born female to make it to the finals at the IFR World Show 2012. Dutchess placed V4 in a class of 40, which included many European Champions.

Dutchess pedigree includes  rottweiler champions such as Akino (twice 2/3) Rick(4/5), Mambo Von Crossener Ranch, Mambo VDT, Doc VDT, Morro Von Hause rottweiler-rottweilers-german rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-puppies-rottweiler utah-rottweilers california-rottweiler championMarker, Noris Von Gunterbick(twice),Gino Von Der Berghanbinsel, among other great dogs. All of the dogs that we have just mentioned are the pillars of the breed and any serious breeder will try to have even one of these rottweilers in their puppies pedigree, well Dutchess not only has them...she has some of them twice!
We were the first ones to bring Leroy's semen from Europe to USA and we couldnt be any happier. Dutchess is an amazing female...but you dont need to believe me...let the critiques and results talk for themselves:




Critique Judge Mr. Fernando Lucas Martin(Portugal FCI-IFR) NIRK North American Sieger Show 2010 (VP1 Best Puppy in Show)

"5 month old female,correct bite, very good substance and bone, very good head, typee head, dark eyes, and dark mouth, correct ears, very good stop, correct front, very good top line, very good angulations, very good coat, in very good condition, very good markings and well defined, very good movement, very good top line in movement"

Critique Judge Mr. Mike Lecuyer(NIRK USA) NIRK Grand National Sieger Show 2010 (VP2)

awaiting for written critique from the club

Critique judge Uwe Peterman (ADRK Germany) USRC South West Regional Sieger 2010 (VP1)
5 month female, very well built, very good general appearance.Strong bone, friendly and alert, very good head, typee head,very good ears, very good chest, strong front and neck, strong back, correct croup, very good angulation, very good angulation in rear, correct coat and marking, very good movement, natural movement.

Critique by Judge Wayne Simanovich (USA, USRC President). USRC Select Show Arizona 2011.
SG1 (No V's awarded to youth class), winner of "USRC Youth Select Female 2011"
Awaiting cor written ritique from the club

Critique by Judge Vilija Pleckenciene (NIRK Lithuania) NIRK Grnad National Sieger Show 2011 V2
12 months old, large female, matching bone and substance, attentive and friendly. Strong head with short strong muzzle, med correctly carried ears, dark eyes, dark mouth pigment with midly pink corners, good front and rear angulation. Correct coat, excellent movement. Scisors bite. Full dentition.

Critique by Judge Marty Legget (USA) NIRK Oregon State Championship (Dutchess injured her back leg on the ring during class run and had to be pulled, as you can see in  the critique she would have won)
12 month old female, medium to large, strong head, very good stop, very good skull with some wrinkling on the top, medium ears, correctly set, broad muzzle, dark eyes, dark mouth pigmentation with pink marbeling in the corners, correct neck, very good whiters, good forechest, shoudlers are somewhat straight, very good croup, very good top and bottom line, naturally angulated, the coat is in excellent condition, markings are beautiful, color is correct, very good tight knuckled feet, correctly carried tail, free movement.

Critique by Judge Dieter Viehof (ADRK Germany) at the ADRK Klubsieger 2011, Eschweiler Germany. V10, Clas of 52 females!
Medium to large female, attentive, vigorous and alert; strong bones, strong breed type head, dark brown eyes, correct set ears, dark lips and gums , strong short neck,  very good hair and markings, rich brown classic markings very good front and rear angulations,
tail wear correctly, free movement, scissors bite.   

Critique by Judge Mick Svaljek (FCI -IFR Australia) at the ARV National Sieger Show Los Angeles, USA
V1 18 TO 24 months
Youth Siegerin
Select Best Female in Show

Critique: medium to large female, very good substence, esxcellent breed type, alert, self-assured, excellent attitude, strong female head, excellent expression, medium size, high-set ears, lie correctly, correct stop, beautiful dog, dark brown eyes, strong muzzle, strong underjaw, correct scissor bite, very good gum and mouth pigment, slightly modeled in corners, strong, clean , well-muscled neck, excellent chest proportions, steep in the pasterns, excellent top line, very good bottom line, well-set and carried tail, correct coat, in an
excellent condition, rich tan markings, round-shaped compact feet, good front with very good rear angulations,steady balanced movement.

Critique from Judge Estrada (FCI -IFR Mexico) USRC South West Sieger Show, USA
V1, "USRC South West Youth Siegerin"

Awaiting critique from the club

Utah Valley Kennel Club , Utah State Cluster
1st place AKC 12 to 18 months
1st place AKC Breed by Exhibitor
1st Place AKC Breed by Exhibitor

rottweiler-rottweilers-german rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-puppies-rottweiler utah-rottweilers california-rottweiler champion

rottweiler-rottweilers-german rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-puppies-rottweiler utah-rottweilers california-rottweiler champion

rottweiler-rottweilers-german rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-puppies-rottweiler utah-rottweilers california-rottweiler champion

IFR Rottwielr World Show 2012 Results

IFR Rottwielr World Show 2012 Barcelona

IFR Rottwielr World Show 2012 Barcelona

IFR Rottwielr World Show 2012 Barcelona

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