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Boarding - The Tango Village

The Tango Village was initially built only for our dogs.

Our dogs spend most of their day in our house but granted it is impossible sometimes to have all of them in the house at the same time. Therefore we wanted them to have a great place to stay at while they weren't in the house. After a long time looking for the right property we found it in the town of Payson, Utah. Located in the cage free boardingcountry area of Payson the property sits on 5 acres of green and is surrounded by beautiful mountains and pastures. Not only that, the property is only 4 minutes from the freeway and as far as 4 minutes from the closest veterinary office. The air couldn't be more pure and there is a nice peaceful calm that surrounds the area.

The dog houses were custom built each one with its own window, ventilation and a total of 100 sqft per kennel were the dogs can comfortable come in and out of the house, giving them the freedom to spend time out side or back in the house as they please.
There is also a play yard for the dogs were they can spend time together and have fun, letting some of the energy out and a training facility used specifically for show and obedience training. 

This Village is dedicated in memory of my big boy Tango, the first rott I own in the USA.

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When you go on vacation give your dog a vacation too!!!

As breeders something that we came around all the time was DGI owners asking us about boarding. Knowing the love and passion we put into our dogs they knew they could trust on us to take care of their babies. 
With only 2 spots available in our Tango Village, this makes the perfect place for your dog's vacation when you are on vacation.

The Tango Village Amenities

Everyday walks in the country
Spacious Dog House
Spacious recreation areas

cage free boardingAt the Tango Village your dog will be by itself in a 100 sqft total area with a 48 sqft home. Amazing views and fresh air surrounds the area and he/she will enjoy walks in the country and the opportunity to spend a great time at an amazing place. While you are having fun with your family on vacation your dog will not only be in great hands but he will also enjoy its vacation too. Spaces are very limited and we give preference to those who already are part of the DGI Family.

For prices and availability please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it          






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