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Awards and Shows

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rottweiler-German rottweiler - rottweiler puppies-rottweilers-rotts-champion rottweilers -rottweilers utah-rottweilers california-rottweiler texas-rottweiler-rottweiler puppyShows are a big part of our life. We not only show our dogs  to prove they caliber of dogs we have, shows are also a family activity. I Showed my first dog in Argentina at the age of 11 years old, this was a couple of decades ago and at the time the "Junior handlers" category did not exist. I trained my dog, handled it and competed against professional handlers and other great dogs. The result. . . first place! I knew from there on that I was going to love it!

Nowadays my wife and my son are always part of our team, especially for the most important but also fun shows, therottweiler puppy German Style Rottweiler Shows. If you check our page from time to time you will see the results our dogs achieve. Most of these results are in the German Style Shows. For example right at this moment we are training really hard our baby Dutchess for the IFR World SHow 2012 that will take place in Barcelona, Spain. we have traveled to many places exciting places with our dogs and is always a blast to have that family bond trough our dogs.

What is the difference between AKC and German Style Shows?

From time to time you will see results from AKC show but these type of shows are really not too important for us. AKC's Judges are very knowledgeable in general but many times it is a shot in the dark. AKC Judges become Judges through 1 breed that they have bred through their life or handle. After that they can ad other breeds that they might like. rottweilers-German rottweilers-champion rottweilers -rottweiler puppies-puppies-rottweiler-rotweiler-california rottweiler-utah rottweiler-texas rottweiler-new york rottweilerFor example a standard poodle breeder at some point could become a rottweiler Judge. Personally I respect AKC Judges but if my dog will have to take a second place I rather that happening under a Rottweiler Specialist Judge, and not under an AKC Judge that might not have as much knowledge of the breed as I do and might know the handler who is handling our opposition better.

In German style shows, politics are also involve but never as much as on AKC and in the end the Judges who will be judging our dogs in German Rottweiler Style Shows are specialist on the breed. They breed rottweilers, they show (most of the time used to show!) and in the end this is the breed that they have been involve with full time for many years. At the end of a class at the German Style Rottweiler Shows the Judge must give a critique of each dog and explain why he choose one dog over the other. Yes many times as everything in life the decision is subjective and for some people watching might have not been a fair decision but there is always a reason why that decision was made, and that is what helps us all understand and learn with every show.


4-28-2012We are officially one of the Best Breeders in the World!!!!

IFR Rottwielr World Show 2012 Barcelona

D.G.I at the Podium with the best females in the World!!!

IFR World Show Barcelona 2012

Dutchess does it again!!!

V4 at the Open Class Females Under Judge Vinicio Di Paolo. Only USA female to make it to the finals at the IFR World Show2012. 40 Females in the class, Dutchess being only 24 months and 1 week old at the time, and competing against many Champions in the category. With out a shadow of a doubt a super triumph for our breeding program and a a great spot at the podium for USA at the World Show. Many thanks to Judge Vinicio Di Paolo.

Please click here to see more amazing pictures from the show.


More Success in Europe!

IFR Rottwielr World Show 2012 Results

V2 at the Catalunya Championship. D.G.I once again makes the podium representing USA and our breeding program.

Many thanks to Judge Pablo Piazza!!!With 15 females in her class, Dutchess takes 2nd place behind the Spanish Champion "Bratislava". Please click here to see more amazing pictures from the show.


Yes it is Dutchess. . . again!!

V1 and USRC South West Youth Siegerin 2011 title under Judge Estrada(FCI Mexico)

Dutchess has done it again!A prove of our breeding program Dutchess has just become the ARV National Youth Siegerin 2011 under Judge Mick Svaljeck (FCI Australia)

rottweiler-German rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-puppies-puppies-puppies-rottweilers-rottweilers utah-rottweilers new york-rottweilers california-rottweilers new mexico- rottweilers colorado-champion rottweilers

V1 18-24 month female - ARV National Youth Siegerin 2011-Reserved Best Female in Show


8-21-11 Just a few hours ago and after 17 hours flying and a few driving, and for the first time competing in German soil Dutchess has done it again!!!... taken an impressive V10 under Judge Paul Dieter Viehfof. A great accomplishment being one of the youngest female in one of the most crowded class in the show, with 56 of the very best from around the world. Only 4 USA breeders were the ADRK Klubsieger 2011 show, and D.G.I was one of them... representing!!!

Great Job Dutch!! and thanks to all of our friends, trainer Danny Kemp, Vincenzo, Nicola and the many who helped us bring this great placement home. Thank you friends!!!

rottweiler-German rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-puppies-puppy-pupies-puppies-rottweiler champions-rottweiler -rottweilers utah-rottweilers california-rottweilers new yorkDutchess...Dutchess...Dutchess!!!
Dutchess has become the "USRC Youth Select Female 2011" under Judge Wayne Simanovich...congratulations Dutch!!!            
SG1 12 TO 18 months(no V's are given in this youth classes) USRC Arizona, Judge Wayne Simanovich (USA, President USRC)

Dutchess took 3, 1st places on AKC and with a natural tail!!!....thanks to all the AKC Judges who even though did not give her "Best Female" because of the tail, but at least placed her 1st on her is a good sign of progress for AKC!!!


It is official...we now have a Rottweiler club in the Rocky Mountain area (CO, WY, UT, ID, NV,NM).
I would like to publicly thank Rob and Lisa Hoselton, President and Vice President of N.I.R.K for trusting me with this big responsibility. Thank you guys!

R.M.R.K Rocky Mountain Rottweiler Klub

Emanuel Vidolin, President
Kyliee Cahoon, Vice President
Trina Vidolin, Treasurer
Nieves Beltran, Sargent at Arms

Our RMRK website is here!


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