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Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

One of our featured puppies in Oprah! The big rott in the video, Gabriel, is a Czambah son!

Click here to see Fabio and Gabriel in Oprah Show







Thank you to all of the loving families who has trust DGI Rotts.

All of our litters for 2014 are fully reserved at the moment.

Please go to "upcoming litters" to look at next litters available or to "rottweiler puppies-what to look for" to look at some great information about the breed, rottweiler puppies and the process of getting a puppy from DGI Rottweilers.To look at pictures of rottweiler puppies we have sold in the past please go to photo gallery, which is located under "about us". Please also visit our testimonials page to know what other happy owners are saying about their amazing pups!!!

If you are looking for a rottweiler puppy for sale but at this moment you don't have the means to buy from a reputable breeder please consider adopting from a rescue organization. Buying a cheap rottweiler puppy from a backyard breeder or puppy mill will only generate money for those who are putting or breed in jeopardy and dogs and future owners in harm ways. Click here for a video of a puppy mill auction.

When we say we are here to better the breed we really mean it,  D.G.I is a proud sponsor of

No puppies for sale at this time

Here is some of the most common questions we get asked about our pups. Here is some short answers to them. Please go to "rottweiler puppies-what to look for" for a more complete answer to this questions.

  • How old are your puppies when you let them go to their new homes? The best age for rottweiler puppies to leave our kennel is 8 weeks old. The older the puppy the stronger their immune system gets, by this time they already have their first shots, and the better socialized they are.
  • Do you offer a Hip guarantee on your puppies?Yes we offer one of the most reliable HD /ED guarantee out there for all of our rottweiler puppies.
  • Do you dock tails on your rottweiler puppies?We are ADRK German Rottweiler breeders, we usually do not dock tails. Although you will find that we make an exception for a few litters a year. If you like a rottweiler puppies with a dock tail please ask us so we can point you in the right direction.
  • What type of socialization and temperaments do rottweiler puppies from your kennel have? Our rottweiler puppies are socialized on a daily basis. As our rottweiler puppies grow up they are introduced to all of our dogs, and they have plenty of play time with us and our 3 year old son. They are exposed to noises and new experiences everyday.
  • Do you ship your rottweiler puppies? If so, how much does it cost to ship a rottweiler puppy?Is it stressful for the puppy? We ship our rottweiler puppies worldwide. We have shipped our puppies trough all USA, and even South America and Germany.The cost to ship a rottweiler puppy varies from $250 to $350, we dont charge any extra for health certificate or crate. International shipping is priced based on current flight prices. For the puppy it is the fastest way to be shipped, although it can be stressful it is not much more stressful than a car ride many times. For example our female Dutchess prefers the plane rather than the car.
  • Are your rottweiler puppies from German Rottweiler Bloodlines? We can proudly say that we have the best German Bloodlines in our rottweiler puppies, we use the best German Rottweielr Studs, and are members in good standing of ADRK in Germany.We are also one of the few breeders in USA using ADRK Dogbase Software in our breeding program, which is costly but gives us great results.
  • Do you breed for protection and work also?Many times people thinks that you need a mean rottweiler in order to have a working dog. . . not true! in fact, you need a stable dog, intelligent dog if you want to train it in the working field. From the day the rottweiler puppies are born we teach them to trust humans, an intelligent stable puppy we will grow up to be able to understand when there is danger and protect you and your family from it. All of our rottweiler puppies pedigrees are full of working titles, working attitude is also something that is genetically passed trough generations.
  • How much does one of your German Rottweiler puppies cost?: The price of our German Rottweiler puppies varies according to the litter, pick number and guarantees. For example a show/breeding first pick of the litter will always be more expensive than a companion puppy, but all of our pups have HD/ED GUARANTEE and AKC pedigree. Our puppies go from $1500 to $3,000 depending on the factors above mentioned. Although we know that the same quality of puppies is sold for much more in places like California(sometimes up to $6,000) or the east coast we feel that this is a price that allow us to keep a spotless breeding program and is also accessible to serious clients looking for a TRUE German Rottweiler. As you go trough our "buying a puppy section" you will see what makes us different and the amount of money we invest in our puppies and our dogs. Therefore to sale for less than this will be not be possible, but also we breed because we like, is a hobby that we love and we dont need to make oodles of money with our dogs, we simply want to be able to cover the cost of having one of the best breeding programs in the country. We also now offer "after shipping payment plan" for all of those who have their heart in the right place but need a little help getting a German Rottweiler Puppy.




















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