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Upcoming Litters

Please scroll down to see the litters where reservations are still available. Upcoming litters in this page are listed in the order they are expected to happen. Please click on the dogs names to see their full pages with pictures and more information.

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Dutchess de lla Guardia Imperiale x Burning Des Princes Daragone (pregnancy confirmed!)

IFR World Show DutchessDutchess de lla Guardia Imperiale(63.7cm) HD +/- ED - AKC DNA

Engy Vom Bonzi Star x Leroy Van Haysherack


  • Multi V1
  • USRC S.W Youth Siegerin 2011
  • ARV Youth Siegerin 2011
  • USRC Youth Female Select 2011
  • V10 ADRK Klubsieger, Gemrany 2011
  • V4 IFR World Show Barcelona 2012, Spain
  • ADRK Kalendar 2012
  • NIRK North American Klubsieger, Best Puppy 2010  



rottweiler-rottweiler-rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-rottweiler-rottweiler-rottweiler-rottweiler puppies

Burning Des Princes Daragone(67cm) HD A/ED 0 ,AKC DNA



  • Multi Klubsieger
  • International Champion
  • Multi Best of Breed




Another great combination, another litter with an amazing pedigree. Burning one of the rottweiler studs with the best movement in the world, amazing head and angulations will be combined with our own Dutchess. Burning in pictures looks amazing but in person is a dream!!! Besides what we have just mentioned about him, in person you can see his power and massive built, is truly an amazing dog. It couldn't be any other way he is the only stud in the history of the breed with 2 World Titles in his back. Furthermore at the IFR 2012 World Show Burning beat Santo, another World Champion and Imperator the stud that has become a trend in the last few months.

Dutchess the flagship of our breeding program has taken just about every title she has competed for in USA, being also the best positioned USA born feamle at the IFR World Show in Barcelona 2012 and finishing in the top 10 out of 60 of the best females in the world at the ADRK Klubsieger 2011 in Germany. Dutchess is pound per pound one of the best females in the world and she was born here in our kennel in USA!

This is what other owners are saying about our puppies!…I just wanted to give you a report about our dino. He's getting bigger again…a real dude to be reckoned with. He has the sweetest face when he looks at family but outsiders just see an enormous rottweiler with an assertive expression and utter fearlessness”.Click here for more…

We expect great "typee" heads, very correct and intense colors, dark eyes, and great size and excellent movement. The pedigree of these rottweiler puppies will include names such as, Akino, Mambo VDT, Morro Vom Hause Market, Hera Od Dragicevica, Ben Vom Langen Grund and Xamos von Wolfert Turn, Leroy Van Haysherack, Mambo Vom Crosserner Ranch, Mambo V.D.T, Doc VDT,and Noris Vom Gunterblick among other great dogs. This is a litter that you do not want let it get away. The pedigree of these puppies is also full of working titles, IPO'S and SCH as well as BH's, we expect these puppies to not only great in conformation but also in the working field. German Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

Only 2 picks available!



CH. Beha Berega Turi HD free ED free

CH. Tim Von Der Scherau x CH. Chosya Berega Turi

Titles : Multi V, Young Russian Champion, Russian Champion, Multi Best of Breed


leroy van haysherack

Leroy Van Haysherack HD - ED +/- AKC DNA IPO I ZTP

Rebecca della Rocca Brancaleone x Mambo Von Crossener Ranch

Titles: Italian Champion, Young Champion of San Marino, Reproductore Selezionatto

If you, like me, will not take anything less than a TRUE German rottweiler puppy...reservations are highly recommended...801-717-0510

The German Rottweiler bloodlines and names in these puppies pedigree will position this litter to be be one of the best in USA soil.

Names like Mambo Von Crossener Ranch, Leroy Van Haysherack, Noris Von Gunterblick, Akino, Mambo V.D.T, and Tim Von der Scherau will be in these puppies first 3 generations. For those who are not familiar with these names, these are some of the most important dogs in modern German rottweiler history. What do these names in your puppy's pedigree mean ?...How about everything!...Dogs are a reflection of their bloodline; stable temperament, will to work and conformation (looks) are highly dependent on the names behind your puppy's name on the pedigree.

With only a couple litters on the ground Beha is the proud mother of 2 European Champions. Leroy has sired many champions around the world including a World Champion and German Champions.




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