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Rottweiler Breeders

Our Breeding program

At DGI Rotts we are proud German Rottweiler breeders and believe that following the True German Rottweiler bloodlines produces the best results . We are rottweiler breeders and members in good standing of the ADRK the mother Rottweiler Club located in Germany. As German rottweiler breeders we based our breeding program on the ADRK standards. Our bloodlines are based on the most famous, powerful and all around pillars of the modern German Rottweiler as we know it. German Rottweilers such as Akino Vom Der Lauterbrucke, Rick Vom Burgtham, Mambo Vom Crossener Ranch, Mambo Vom Der Teufelsbrucke, Orlando Vom Hause Neubrand, Noris Vom Gunterblick and the living legend Arzadon's Tayson are all part of our pups pedigree.

Is a pedigree sign of quality?
Is better than nothing really!

A pedigree is just a piece of paper what is important is the names that are on the pedigree! There is many rottweiler breeders in the world but who are the good ones?Which names are good to have in my rottweiler puppy pedigree?
Registration papers and pedigrees don't tell you a single thing about a dog other than its place in the chain of names.To get registration papers or a pedigree, a puppy doesn't have to meet any qualifications of health, temperament, behavior, or sound structure, or even come from reputable rottweiler breeders. A dog can be sickly, vicious, obese, ears pointing every which way, PURPLE -- and the AKC will issue the same kind of registration number they give to the Best of Breed winner at the Westminster Kennel Club show.

Don't be fooled. Registration papers don't suggest quality in a dog any more than they suggest quality in a car. Does buying a car with registration papers mean it won't be a clunker? Of course not! Choose the right rottweiler breeders!!!

Scams happen all the time.

Let's say someone has two purebred Boxers with registration papers.Unfortunately, the female is accidentally bred by a stray mixed breed dog. When the litter arrives, a dishonest person could fill out the litter registration paperwork -- claiming that his BOXER was actually the father. The AKC will dutifully mail him a packet of individual registration papers for each puppy, which he will happily pass along to the new owners of each puppy. And no one will be the wiser until the puppies grow up and start to look suspiciously non-Boxerish.


Hopefully you will never again make the mistake of believing that the existence of AKC papers or a pedigree has anything whatsoever to do with a puppy's quality and look. What is important is what names are in the pedigree, what rottweiler breeders that were involve trough out that puppy's genealogy. How close down the line the important dogs are in the pedigree and the rottweiler breeders you are getting a puppy from, to look for the desired quality.

Fortunately, the AKC has a new DNA testing program where participating rottweiler breeders submit DNA samples of parents. For example all the studs used by DGI are from Europe and so are most of our females, when you bring a dog from Europe or use a stud from Europe a DNA test is done on the dog and a DNA number is given to that dog, that way there is no room for mistakes. If you want to be sure of who your puppy's parents really are, look for rottweiler breeders who participate in this program.

When you buy a cheap puppy from a backyard breeder even with AKC pedigree you are exposed to this kind of problems and low quality puppies . In a nut shell buy from serious rottweiler breeders who know what they are doing and they do it because they love the breed and not to make a mortgage payment…go it!Rottweiler Breeders who put their dogs in shows and have a certain reputation will never do anything like what we have seen in the above example., even more, will never let an accident like that happen.

It is always more expensive to buy from a serious rottweiler breeder but you do want a real, true German Rottweiler…that looks like a rott and think like a rott…don’t you?

At DGI Rotts, we use only studs with approved DNA test, who are also International Champions, Klubsiegers or World Champions, all of them are from Europe more specifically Germany. All of our females and Sires that we use haven been tested with good results for HD and ED. Most of the dogs in our pup’s pedigree have either, working titles, conformation titles or German ZTP test done,a dn come from some of the best rottweiler breeders in the world. This fact gives you an assurance over your puppy’s future conformation, health and temperament. Our German Rottweiler puppies are bred to be loyal, stable and very intelligent with an emphasis on its working abilities one of them being protection.

We are True German rottweiler breeders, we breed only the best of the best in order to produce the best German rottweiler puppies possibly, and to continue on our quest to bettering the breed we love so much with every litter.

Emanuel and Trina Vidolin

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Here is some pics and videos of some of the most important studs in the history of the breed , they are not our dogs, but the dogs we based our breeding program on...enjoy!

Mambo Vom Crossener Ranch: All aorund the best stud in the history of the breed!

Mambo Vom Crossener Ranch :: All aorund the best stud in the history of the breed!

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