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Purchasing Process

Please be advised that this is not the actual contract but an introduction to it. The actual written contract itemizes all guarantees and responsibilities from the breeder and the new owner.

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a D.G.I puppy, a top quality, well bred, well socialized, mentally and physically sound puppy from one of the most successful show and working kennel in the USA.

We have established the following process to make purchasing a puppy as simple as possible:

Step 1: Please go to our "upcoming litters" page or "available puppies" page to take a look at our available puppies or future upcoming litters.Thankfully there is a very high demand for D.G.I Rottweiler puppies, and most of our litters are fully reserved by the time the puppies are 8 weeks old, that is why it is very important to make an early reservation, especially if you are looking for a higher pick. Please be aware of the litter you would like to make a reservation for, and just take a quick note of it.

Step 2: visit our " buying a puppy " page, this page will help you with some vital information in order to make a more informed decision at the time to make a deposit for your puppy. You can also from this page go straight to our "available puppies" page but we like to encourage you to take a look at the page first. Information about health, pedigrees, prices,etc; are all described in this page, and we feel will answer many of your questions. We are aware that nowadays the internet has made our world smaller, and as good as it is to have many options out there sometimes it can get confusing, and by the time you are ready to buy you could end up in the wrong hands. Countless times we hear stories of people who has paid in full to "so call breeders", for a puppy that never gets home. This page is meant to help you weed out the back yard breeders and puppy mills from the serious breeders who have forged a reputation worldwide and you know you can count on.

Step 3: once you have taken this steps and know that DGI is your breeder of choice and the litter or puppy you would like to reserve, give us a call. We like to get to know a little bit our "future owners", and we think that a phone conversation is always better than a long online questionnaire. Your deposit can be made by paypal, or all major credit cards. We work with one of the biggest credit card merchants in USA, merchant Warehouse, so your information will be secure and the process very simple. We are also now offering the option of payments even after you have taken your puppy home. Please click here or scroll down for more information

This initial deposit plus all other deposits or payments towards the purchase of the puppy are refundable(see invoice for more details). This initial deposit will get you a spot on our waiting list or will reserve a pick number for you. After your deposit is received you will get an invoice with the information on the puppy, litter and pick number, which acts as as a pre-contract and is a legal binder between the parts. In the event a suitable puppy is not available from the litter the deposit was intended for, this deposit is good for any mutually agreed upon future litter, with a chance of up the pick for free, if available or a return of the deposit . The price of the puppy “will not increase” once you paid a deposit.

Step 4: depending on the type of contract, you may finish paying before shipping or pick up; or start your monthly payment plan.

Step 5: We will now start sending you pictures of the puppies, starting with the litter when they are about 7 days old. At 4 weeks of age we will send you a video and pictures of each puppy, and everyone will start the process of choosing their puppy in the previously established order. We temperament test the litter at 6 weeks of age, and you will be informed if the puppy you choose it is not suitable for your family. It is in our best interest to help match the best puppy with its new home. We are with the puppies constantly and know their personalities and temperaments better than anyone else. Our puppies are socialized from day 1, we do not believe in dogs living in kennels completely isolated from the family, our dogs and puppies are part of our family. At this time owners will pick their puppy in the order they were positioned on our waiting list.

Step 6:At 8 weeks of age puppies are ready for shipping or pick up and are vet checked 24hrs prior to the delivery or pick up date certifying the puppy is 100% healthy. The puppies are de-wormed on a regular basis starting at 10 days of age and vaccinated prior to leaving for their new homes. At this time, AKC registration papers, vaccination record and general information on raising your puppy will be provided. Please note: We name our puppies as soon as they are born and AKC register them immediately so that we can provide the AKC registration certificate at time of sale.

We offer breeder support and are available to our clients 24/7. We can help with any training/behavioral issues, health concerns, nutritional questions, showing and breeding advice as well as any other questions/concerns that may arise.

After Shipping Payment Plan: The prices of our German Rottweiler Puppies For Sale vary from litter to litter based on the Sire and Dam's accomplishment's and pedigree's, as well as the pick in the litter of the rottweiler puppy that one reserves. A good cost basis guide would be a price range between $1500.00 and $3,000 per puppy. We know that these prices are much less than what other rottweiler breeders are charging, especially on the west coast, but we feel that these prices are reasonable and accessible to most people. As much as it is an irony it is also true that, we actually have better bloodlines and breeding stock, than some of those breeders charging double our price but on the other hand we also have those "trading puppies", and charging only a couple hundred for them. Of course this latter ones don't even know what to feed their dogs, let alone any knowledge,about pedigree temperament or bloodlines or health problems. Please visit our "buying a puppy page for more info about this issue.

We believe that everyone should have access to the finest bloodlines, and price our puppies accordingly. Finding the right homes for our puppies is our primary goal and we understand that for many people is hard to come up with what one of our puppies is worth all at the same time.We feel that by making our TRUE GERMAN ROTTWEILER PUPPIES accessible to all of those who truly love the breed, we are contributing to eliminate backyard breeders and "puppy mills", who are the ones destroying our breed year after year.

Our "after shipping payments plans" are very easy and accessible, you just have to really want a TRUE GERMAN ROTTWEILER and we will help you make it possible.

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