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Rottweiler Puppies - Info

Here is some food for thought...

  • In 2011 over 15,000 rottweiler puppies were registered with American Kennel Club.
  • There were only 4 rottweiler breeders representing USA at the most important rottweiler show in the world; the ADRK Klubsieger Show 2011 in Eschelweiller Germany. D.G.I Rottweilers was one of them!
  • “Pound per Pound, the Rottie is probably the strongest of dogs, armed with a scissors bite that delivers 2,400 pounds of pressure per square inch, double that of the German Shepherd. “Rottweilers Volume 2” 1998-99. From The Editors Of Dog Fancy Magazine.
  • 7 out of 10 people buys their new puppy online. 1 out of 10 may not get the puppy they paid for.

After looking at the above information what you have to ask yourself is:

*Are you really going to take a chance on buying a dog with the most powerful bite in the world from a backyard breeder or a puppy mill?

*In the end should price be more important than quality?

*How important is to buy from a reputable breeder?

Click here to see a short video on how puppy mills operate (it will make you sick!)


At the bottom of this page you will find our “puppies for sale”page. There you can see our amazing rottweiler puppies for sale and the future litters available for reservations. But if you are a serious owner and a true rottweiller fanatic, we will like to encourage you to click on the pages above that so you can get some information on what to look when you are ready to buy a  puppy and what makes D.G.I be one of the most important breeders in the USA.


Health: rottweiler puppies, as any other working dog, has a propensity to Hips and Elbows dysplacia. This disorder can prevent your rottweiler puppies from a healthy active life, and will require spending thousands upon thousands on vet bills to remedy. Find out what we do to help prevent this problem on our puppies and keep dysplasia out of our breeding program.

Temperament: As mentioned above the rottweiler puppies turn into, possibly the adult dog with the most powerful bite in the world. Find out what we do to produce stable, loving and yet amazing working dogs out of our breeding program.

Conformation:Your rottweiler puppies today will become an adult rottweiler one day. All rottweiler puppies are cute; only great German Rottweiler bloodlines produce great looking adult rottweilers. Find out the kind of work that we do so the our rottweiler puppies today become champion dogs and amazing family members.

Get your puppy from somebody you can trust: Hollywood stars, casino moguls and all around families from USA and from other several countries has chosen D.G.I Rottweilers as the rottweiler breeder for their rottweiler puppies...Find out why...

D.G.I Price and investment co-relation: It is our goal to offer the best rottweiler puppies at a value that it is accessible for those looking for a True German Rottweiler. Our rottweiler puppies are simply among the best. As follows we will give you an idea of our prices and investments, which make us different from other breeders out there, and the different kinds of breeders you may run into while you are looking to buy your next best friend.

Yes you are here!!...Puppies!:take a look at our German Rottweiler puppies for sale and upcoming litters we have available.

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