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Buy with Trust

rottweiler , rottweilers Utah, rottweiler puppies for saleIs it really important to buy from a serious breeder ?

Yes serious breeders are those who have forged a reputation based on hard work, love for the breed and results. Serious breeders have the tools, knowledge and the experience to produce healthy, harmonious and stable puppies while providing a fun and loving environment for their furry companions. Many people tends to get confuse when we talk about breeders, but what is a breeder? Is it better to buy a puppy from someone's home who is not a breeder? Is there different kinds of breeders?.

What are puppy mills?

Puppy mills is what give the word "breeders" a bad meaning. Puppy mills are breeders who have gone bad. Puppy mills are easily identifiable by the kind of dogs they own. A puppy mill breeder don't care about bettering the breed, the well being of the animals or even less to produce the best that they can produce so you can take home a healthy, stable and all around great rottweiler puppy, they only care about the money.

You will never see a puppy mill breeder at a show, shows are too expensive and that is a cost he is not willing to pay, simply because his dogs will not do good in them, and he is only worry about the monetary return. A puppy mill breeder does not breed for love to the breed or passion, simply for money and usually the cheaper you see a pup on the net the more chances it is that is coming from a puppy mill. Mass production of pups at a low cost, no matter the consequences.

What is a back yard breeder?                                                                                                                                                                               rottweiler , rottweilers Utah, rottweiler puppies for sale

Anyone who breeds out of their house, that has 1 or 2 females, that are not put in show, not trained, of somewhat ok bloodline, and if on top of that they even have the male, that is a back yard breeder.

In the beginning sounds great to buy a puppy from someone who has only a couple of dogs and tells you that he has the puppies leaving in his bathroom, and that hey are raised with is family.

but how much does he/she knows about genetics?
does he knows what traits the bloodlines he is crossing will bring to the table?
does he knows how to identify a shy or aggressive puppy?
does he know what to do about it?
what kind of check ups does he do on the pups?
what does he knows about nutrition?
what does he knows about hips and elbow displscya?
what kind of guarantees will he give you on the pups?
does he have the money to properly feed and take care of the puppies?

In the end will you really know what kind of a dog you are taking home? it really a Rottweiler, or just the colors look similar?

rottweiler-rottweilers-german rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-puppies-rottweiler utah-rottweilers california-rottweiler championBackyard breeders usually flare up as economies turn for the worst, people tries to make a buck and in the process we are left with pseudo rottweilers that damage the reputation of the breed, that a few of us serious breeders put so much work and love to try to better with every litter.

We love to help all of those who love the breed and want to start breeding as a hobby, you got to start somewhere. We have no problem on offering our knowledge and support to who wants to do it the right way. Breeding, showing and working our dogs is an expensive hobby, and the only way to start is do it is the right way, buy a first or second pick from a great pairing, from a reputable breeder, (yes it will be somewhat expensive)!... train her, show her, study the breed, then one day you might be ready to start breeding and we will love to help you get started.

What kind of puppy should I pick?

I always tell our clients, pick the breeder first and then pick the puppy. All puppies are cute when they are little you might not see a huge difference between a serious breeder puppy and a puppy from a puppy mill or a back yard breeder when they are a few weeks old, they all look cute. When they are small the details are small and only people with a trained eye can tell the difference. Now when that puppy becomes an adult, the temperament, the health and the conformation on the pup who came from the serious breeder is miles away from the others.

In simple words "all puppies are cute, only those with great bloodlines from serious breeders become great all around adult rottweilers".

Let us know what your intentions for the puppy are, show? work? both? and we will help you find the perfect fit for your family.

What do we do at DGI to better the breed?

I started breeding at the age of 17, I started showing my mom's German Shepherds and Collies at the age of 11.                                                               rottweiler , rottweilers Utah, rottweiler puppies for sale

The first rottweiler female that I bought back in Argentina, was a grand daughter of Hassan and the first time we bred her we bred her to the Grand Argentinean Champion and International Champion "Bruce del Rincon Deseado". I was 19 then. We are the first breeder in USA who had brought semen from Leroy Van Haysherack one of the best studs in the world nowadays, we have also used Gil Vom Hause Milsped, Tayson (most titled rottweiler stud in the history of the breed), Quaid one of the most amazing German producers and Geckort biz, Djuke a German Klubsieger and World Champion and we keep shooting for the stars!!!. It is our goal and part of our breeding program to use only the best studs in the world, such as Astor, Burning, Lacky and Imperator in the next couple of years.

I have taken several courses including the NIRK Rottweiler Specialist Judge Seminar, we have contacts and can proudly say are friends with many of the most important breeders in Europe and South America.

Our girls are also the best that our breed has to offer, all of them show winners, and our biggest pride and joy is Dutchess de lla Guardia Imperiale. Born in our kennel, Ducthess has taken many V1, multiple Youth Siegerin Titles and has also shown what she is worth at the ADRK Klubsieger Show in Germany.She competed against 52 of the best females from all around the world at the most important and bigger rottweiler show in the world. ending in the Top 10 best females

Our puppies are raised in an all natural setting. Our house sits on 5.5 acres of green nestled in the mountains of Payson a little town in the state of Utah. We feed our pups the best quality imported kibble plus proteins, yogurt and mvp supplements. The puppies are tested for attitude and personality at 42 days old and dewormed on a weekly schedule. We have a special whelping room where they are born, that it is temperature controlled and with all of the necessary tools to make giving birth a pleasant moment for the mom and a safe environment to decrease the mortality risk on the puppies.

rottweiler , rottweilers Utah, rottweiler puppies for saleWe study pedigrees, and genetics and we use the help of the German ADRK software call "Dogbase", to make the best decisions on who to choose for our females. That is why we feel comfortable giving our pups one of the best hips and elbows guarantees, period!. Our dogs are part of our family and they know it!

We are what we like to call a boutique kennel, we dont have a lot of dogs but we have great dogs, we can say today that we are one of the most important breeders in USA , not because of quantity but quality and involvement with the breed. We are members of ADRK Germany, Im the President of the RMRK and we are one of the only four breeders who represented USA at the ADRK Klubsiger 2011 in Germany.

Now, we are not perfect but you can be sure that we work hard to try to achieve perfection wit every litter and we will make getting your puppy one of the best experiences that you will have, period! and that is something our new owners are saying.

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