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Conformation (looks)

rottweiler , rottweilers Utah, rottweiler puppies for saleHonesty is always first for us, and we will never tell you that when you buy from us you are guaranteed to be buying a future champion. If any breeder says that to you, then you are better off far away from them because they are simply lying; there is no way to know that at such a young age. There is much to be said for doing research and choosing on the statistically safe choice. However professional training will give you more chances of a well behaved dog. A professional handler will increase your chances of winning at a competitive venue. Finally, investing in a puppy from a reputable breeder with a respected breeding program will significantly increase your chances of receiving a healthy, stable, and correct Rottweiler puppy. When you buy a cheap rottweiler you are already starting on the wrong foot!

As a rottweiler Judge and a breeder we breed with an objective. . . well actually a few, but here we will concentrate on conformation. Our breeding program points towards my favorite qualities in a rottweiler:




Our bloodlines are 100% pure ADRK German Rottweiler Champions. Our favorite studs are at the top of the standard 67-68cm tall. Our females are also at the top, for example Samba and her daughters are 64 and 65 cm tall. The greatest Mambo Von Crossener Ranch is always part of our rottweiler puppies pedigree. Mambo is known to have the best and more extreme head in the history of the breed period.                                                                  rottweiler-rottweilers-german rottweiler-rottweiler puppies-puppies-rottweiler utah-rottweilers california-rottweiler champion

All the traits above mentioned can be combined into great results in the right hands, and with the right knowledge. We can proudly say that we are one of the few breeders in USA who use “ADRK Dogbase” software to plan our future litters. Dogbase is a database that includes all the most important studs in the world, especially in Germany, and is an amazing tool to match males and females based on traits, (bones, head, etc) and health certifications. One of the neatest features of this software is that the database gets updated based not only on the dog/bitch traits but also based on the traits of their           progeny. Having great names in the pedigree is just a start Dogbase gives us the information to combine them in the right way. For example, food with out salt, is ussually not good, on the other hand extra salt makes it very bad. There is very important dogs you want to have a couple times in your pedigrees, there is some that you want to have only once. . .that is another reason why you should choose the right breeder!

When it comes to our dogs, our emphasis is always on sound temperament, structure, health and working ability. We choose dogs exclusively from bloodlines rottweiler , rottweilers Utah, rottweiler puppies for salethat have proven to be top show/working/family companions on a consistent basis. At DGI we don’t use studs who have not been proven in the show rings; all the studs we use have to be at least German Klubsiegers, German Champions or World Champions.

As a result of our nurtured relationships, honest business dealings and efforts to better the breed ,we have become friends with many of the top European breeders. Because we do business together often, we have the chance to import premium quality dogs. Moreover, DGI is able to bring frozen semen from any of the most accomplished studs in the world that we choose for our females at any time. We were the first ones to bring Leroy Van Haysherack's frozen semen to the USA; toady, he is now one of the best producers in the world.

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