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We feed some of the best imported kibble & RAW foods available.

Proper supplementation is a vital component of our nutritional program. We feed MVP K9 Supplements to all of our dogs. When we wean our puppies, they rottweiler , rottweilers Utah, rottweiler puppies for saleget the same supplements as their mother did during her pregnancy, plus we add appropriate amounts of MVP K9 Supplements.

We screen for a number of well-known congenital health problems and certify our dogs to the standard held by most reputable breed clubs. We are members in good standing with ADRK in Germany. Our dogs are tested and certified for Hip & Elbow Dysplasia.

HD ED can prevent your dog from living a normal productive live and can add up your vet bills really quick in an effrt to try to correct the problem. This problem usually becomes visible when they puppy turns 12 months old.

In our many years as breeders, none of our new owners has had to cash on our HD/ED guarantee. Many breeders will tell you that they give you a "2 year guarantee" on HD/ED, but in many cases that does not mean anything. A dog can not be certified for HD/ED until it turns 24 months or older, when somebody gives you a guarantee that last until the dog turns 24 months old, but they ask you to certified your dog for HD/ED with OFA(this can not be done until the dog turns 24 months old), they are asking you for something that cant be done. Essentially you have to wait for the dog to turn 2 years old to have him certified but their guarantee ends at 24 months old. . . dirty old trick!. We give you a real HD/ED guarantee. With our guarantee, you have to certified your dog, and you have 2 months (between 24 and 26 rottweiler , rottweilers Utah, rottweiler puppies for salemonths old) to let us know if something did not go right and your dog couldn't get an OFA certificate for HD/ED. THAT IS A GUARANTEE YOU CAN CASH ON. While we know that there is always a chance for HD/ED to show up in one of our pups through a recessive gene, we feel that combining the right  bloodlines, having the right supplementation in our puppies starting during the weaning period, and a proactive deworming program for our adults as well as puppies decreases big time the chances of HD/ED on our rottweiler puppies.

When it comes to health care, we are privileged to work with one of the most gifted vets in the country, and are fortunate to be able to call him and his staff at any time if the need should ever arise. Dr Pew is not only a exceptional vet, he is also a certified AKC Judge for the working group and has been invited to judge all over the world. He sits at Board of Directors the Utah Veterinary Association, and he will be the one checking on your puppy weekly before we ship it to you with a 100% health certificate.

Also starting in 2012 we count on Dr Hutchinson, as our Vet Consultant in the reproduction field. Dr “Hutch” is one of the most re-known and sought after professionals in the world in this field. He has given many seminars and workshops, and he had many articles written as well as dvd's in the field. His last seminar was given at the Eukanuba National Dog Show in Orlando Florida.

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