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Price and Investment

rottweiler , rottweilers Utah, rottweiler puppies for saleThe price of our puppies is based on, the following criteria:
pedigrees (parents + bloodlines)
Companion, working or show
Pick number
Titles & awards received by parents in different venues (working trials, conformation exhibitions)

What you may not know is that the cost of a puppy is also strongly based upon many, if not all, of the following:
costs associated with the investment in our females
veterinary (health exams, lab work, vaccinations, preventative medications, weekly puppy health check up )
health clearances (hips, elbows)
travel & shipping
nutrition (food, supplements)
training & socialization
club affiliations
entry fees for working & conformation trials (handlers fee)
popularity or perceived “prestige” of the kennel
demand of the progeny from one or both parents

Now you have a better idea of what makes us different from some the other guys: WE CARE. That is the reason why our pups might be a little more expensive. We invest a substantial amount of time and money into our dogs. Moreover, we believe that the dogs we sell are of the highest breed-caliber. We firmly believe that we offer premium quality puppies at a price that can be accessible to our elite clientele.

Breeders can be “rated” in many ways. It seems logical that the “lesser” rated a kennel is, the less a breeder invests in their dogs and breeding program. Conversely, the “higher” a breeder is rated, the more likely they are to be investing a great deal of time and capital into their respective breeding program. We rottweiler puppies for saleare proud to say that DGI invests every penny back into our breeding program and several rescue organizations. We were one of the only 4 breeders who represented USA at the “ADRK Klubsieger Show 2011” in Eschweiller in Germany. Our female Dutchess, a german Rottweiler product of our breeding program is today the only USA born female to make it in the Top 10 females at the show, and she was also featured in the ADRK 2012 Calendar.

In the end if you keep the variances among the different kennels in mind, you will likely be less surprised when you discover that some breeders may charge as little as US $600 for a puppy,( in many cases you can just give them a gift certificate for a restaurant!) while others receive as much as US $6,000 for puppy.

The prices of our German Rottweiler Puppies For Sale vary from litter to litter based on the Sire and Dam's accomplishments and pedigrees, as well as the pick in the litter of the rottweiler puppy that one reserves. A good cost basis guide would be a price range between $1500.00 and $3,000 per puppy. We know that our prices are in some cases much less than what other rottweiler breeders are charging, especially in states like California, but we feel that our prices are reasonable and accessible to the type of new owner that we are looking for our rottweiler puppies.

After Shipping Financing Plans


As ethical rottweiler breeder our goal is to find great good, for each of the puppies that leaves our kennel. Unfortunately, puppies must leave our kennel because in our effort to improve the breed we have to continue to breed for the next great specimen of the breed. We cannot keep all of our German Rottweiler Puppies. We can only have as many dogs as we feel comfortable living with, since they are part of our family and everyday activities.
rottweiler , rottweilers Utah, rottweiler puppies for saleWe also realize that $1500.00 - $3000.00 is a good sum of money to pay for a puppy if you are not interested in showing and breeding, as so many of our new puppy owners are. In fact most of our first picks go to families that simply just want to have the best German Rottweiler they can possibly have, but neither showing or breeding. It is our goal to make accessible to the regular family the same amazing standard of the breed that we in the show and work world have access to daily. For this reason, we are now offering financing on our German rottweiler puppies. As we mentioned our goal is to place our rottweiler puppies in the best homes possible therefore we will ask you questions about the new proposed environment for the puppy. Please be aware that "the best homes " does not mean necessarily 5 acres in Malibu, simply we like to have a feel for the typoe of relationship that you will create with your puppy. A family that will provide a loving and caring relationship for the puppy is the best home that we could ever hope to put one of our rottweiler puppies into. We feel that by making our TRUE GERMAN ROTTWEILER PUPPIES accessible to all of those who truly love the breed trough monthly payments, we are contributing to eliminate backyard breeders and "puppy mills", who are the ones destroying our breed year after year

Please note that these financing plans, depend on the litter, availability, pick number, etc. Our "after shipping financing plans" are very easy and accessible, you just have to really want a TRUE GERMAN ROTTWEILER and we will help you make it possible.
Please call us for more information



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