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New Puppy FAQ

Our New Rottweiler Puppy Has Arrived FAQ!

If you have any questions, please look in the puppy package that you have received when you picked up your puppy. There you will find some booklets ffrom the Ahospital Asociation of America. I fthe answer is not there you might find it in this section of our site that we have put together for our DGI owners based on the most frequently asked questions. To find aditional information please visit

The first day with your rottweiler puppy

This is an exciting time, naturally . . .
Please remember that everything is very strange to your new puppy and the first few days are the most important days for helping your puppy feel safe/secure and adjusting to his/her new environment. Keep things as low keyed and as uneventful as possible.
Resist the temptation to invite your friends over to visit for the first few days.

Changing homes is a stress on a puppy's immune system whether it be across the world, or around the corner. If your puppy gets diarrhea, recognize that essential body fluids will be lost if not corrected immediately. We recommend that you offer your new puppy bottled or filtered water. Tap water can be a common cause of early diarrhea or tummy upset until your new family member adjusts to the different water in your area. Gradually decrease the amount of bottled water and increase the amount of tap water until it is all tap water if that is the waster your puppy will be drinking. Please make sure that your yard is free of elements that your puppy could chew and eventually eat such as plastic cups, bottles etc, this is also a very common cause of diarrhea. Puppie's just like babies tummy's are very delicate and any of this things could cause diarrhea. If this is the case offer boiled chicken, rice and you can also ad “probiotics” to the puppy's food for a couple days as this is easy on the digestive system.

The First Night for Your Rottweiler Puppy in Your Home

Your Rottweiler Puppy Bedtime

Remember that your new puppy will be missing its siblings and the reassurance of cuddling up with its litter mates to sleep. Rumple up the bedding, and add something like some rolled up old sweaters or similar, to simulate the way puppies sprawl all over each other to sleep. A ticking clock, or music softly playing can be helpful.

Your puppy has had free access to the use of a crate to come in and go out of as they so desired since they have been 4 weeks old. This should help your pup be acclimated to a crate.

We suggest that for the first few nights, you place puppy's crate beside your bed or sleep in the same room where you have your crate setup. During the night, if puppy whimpers and you are sure he/she does NOT need to go potty outside, just dangle your fingers into the crate. Puppy will lick them, feel reassured and go back to sleep. You will also get a good night's sleep as well!

You'll be surprised how quietly and contentedly your new baby will settle for the night, with the comfort of your presence nearby.

If you don't wish for your puppy to continue sleeping by your bed, after the first two or three nights, he/she will easily adapt to sleeping in the crate, in the designated area elsewhere inside the home.

Your Rottweiler Puppy Vaccinations

are not completely effective until the last series of vaccines become become fully effective a few weeks later . Prior vaccinations can 'argue' with the antibodies from the puppy's mother, so outings should be restricted so as not to mix with dogs you don't knowor places where other possible stray dogs have been. Shopping Centers and Vet Clinics are notoriously high - risk places. At the vet, hold your young puppy on your lap. Make sure your vet has disinfected the surgery table since the last patient.

NOTE: Lastest studies suggest that the benefit of enrolling your puppy in age appropriate puppy training classes before 16weeks old, out weighs the risk of waiting until the puppy is fully vaccinated.

Why Do Puppies Get In Trouble?

with the lifestyle and schedule ofmany families these days, dogs may need to LEARN to spend more time home alone. A puppy that is left unsupervised to wander about, will have a difficult time how to behave properlyin your home. Crates are intended to be transitional for most dogs,although when properly crate trainedsome dogs love their crate for life

Your Rottweiler Puppy Exercise


Young puppies under twelve months of age should not have 'forced' exercise, such as jogging for miles, or very long walks on the leash. The mechanical movement of forced

exercise at the same pace is not natural to a puppy, which will frequently change from gallop, to trot, to walk, and flop down from time to time when given the opportunity. The

mechanical dynamic of a puppy being forced to maintain the same pace on a leash before it is fully developed can cause damage to loose ligaments and immature joints, especially in

heavier breeds of dog. Free exercise, where the puppy can change from walk, to romp to trot, are fine, as well as shorter periods on leash, for training etc.


Hip Dysplasia (HD) is one joint disease which can be induced by improper exercise.


Maximum on-leash exercise:-

10 wks to 4 months old: Twenty minutes on leash once daily, plus romping at free will.

4 months to eight months: Up to an hour daily as long as some free time is interspersed with the on leash.

8 months to 1 year old: .A full hour on leash once or twice daily plus romping.

According to studies….Puppies that play with older larger dogs have a higher chance of developing Hip Dysplasia. Please monitor your puppy when playing with larger older dogs.

Your Rottweiler Puppy nipping/growling

When very young puppies play with each other, they growl, snarl, bite and nip. It is also their way of establishing who is leader of their (sibling) pack. Dogs use there mouths to communicate with each other similar to humans using their hands. What may be acceptable in the dog to dog world is NOT acceptable in the dog to human world and they need to learn this. Remember you are trying to teach a puppy something that goes against their natural instinct therefore it will take time and most importantly…consistency!Every family member should be using the same techniques. Simply as if your puppy growls or nips, be energetic on your command but never hit it, just say NO!!!. After that if he stops, you PRAISE him/her, and give it a toy that the puppy can play with it, or a treat.

If you have little kids remember to always supervise your children around your puppy. For 2 reasons the first one, your kids may be too young to understand if he/she is hurting the puppy. The other reason your puppy will see your young children as a litter mate, and may start playing with him/her as such.

In this case once again show the puppy what is the right way and what is the wrong way to do it, by saying NO!!! and praising the good actions. This will take time, if you see that your puppy is getting too excited just put him away for a few hours or until he calms down.


Remember our puppies are like our kids they need our guidance and they can only learn what we teach them. Always be firm, but never, ever hit your dog!!!

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